Monday, March 10, 2008


I have been very busy lately, and have not had the time to post much here at Love Each Stone. This week I am at Iglesia "Luz para las Naciones" in Pensacola, Florida, preaching a "campaign of evangelism and revival." So far, it has been a wonderful time. The church here reminds me a lot of churches we have been associated with or planted in Spain. I would appreciate your prayers for me as, after preaching twice on Sunday, I will also be preaching Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night.

I also wanted to share the great news, for those who may not read all the same blogs that I do and have not already gotten the word, that God has answered prayer, and little Caelan Cross does NOT have cancer!!! Read Alan's reports here and here, and praise God together with the Cross family.

Although I haven't posted much here lately at Love Each Stone, I continue to contribute regularly at sbc IMPACT! Here is a list of some of my recent posts over there:

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In the meantime, I am using just about every spare moment I have studying for my upcoming entrance exam for the new Missions Cohort Ph.D. at Southeastern Seminary. This pioneer project being carried out in collaboration with the IMB will allow career missionaries to work on a Ph.D. while continuing to remain on the field, and fulfill their other ministry responsibilities. I am really excited about this opportunity.

Here is my reading list for the upcoming exam. This is a good part of what has been keeping me so busy lately. I imagine that once I am done, and have taken the exam, I will have a whole lot of food for thought, and a bit more time to post here at Love Each Stone.

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