Saturday, June 03, 2006

E-Index: Historical Documents Series

Part 1, Jesus (John 17.20-23)
Part 2, Paul (1 Corinthians 1.10-17)
Part 3, William Carey (An Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians...)
Part 4, W. B. Johnson & the Founding of the SBC
Part 5, J. M. Pendleton, J. R. Graves & Landmarkism
Part 6, Charles H. Spurgeon, (The Eternal Name)
Part 7, Developing Denominational Consciousness
Part 8, Baptists and Ecumenism
Part 9, The Baptist Faith & Message
Part 10, 1989 Global Consultation on World Evangelization (Keith Parks, and others)
Part 11, 1995 Global Consultation on World Evangelization (Jerry Rankin, and others)
Part 12, Paige Patterson (The Church in the 21st Century)
Part 13, Keith Eitel (Vision Assessment)
Part 14, IMB Policies

Appendix, "Baptist" or "baptistic"?

1 comment:

Paul Burleson said...

David...I have just seen a veritable library of Baptist history, biblical theology, missionary expertise, and world vision in your posts that has staggered me.
I have followed and enjoyed each individual article, but had not seen the whole forest of your work for concentrating on the trees one at a time.
I must say this labor of love needs to be in the hands of Baptists everywhere. I'm not suggesting that all would agree with you or even needs to as you have so clearly stated in your comments responsive to other's comments. But ALL would be challenged to thoughtfully engage themselves in issues that are CRITICAL to ever SBC person.
It seems to me that a "well done" may be inadequate but I give it none the less.

Paul Burleson