Monday, June 05, 2006

Each Stone has its Place

This is a gate from the walls of the ancient city of Toledo, Spain, where we help out Spanish church planters José and Jenny some in the small Baptist church they are planting there.

I think this picture illustrates very well some points I have been trying to communicate on this blog. You will notice, for instance, that this gate is made up of stones of different sizes and shapes. The fact that each stone is unique helps to make the gate more beautiful. You will also notice that the stones at the bottom, or the foundation, are different than those at the top.

So it is as well in the spiritual wall in the spiritual city of Zion that God is building down through history. The spiritual stones who are us, as individual believers, are being built up and placed each one precisely in the place He has prepared for us. I believe this wall is made up of believers from different cultures, different denominations, different worship styles, etc. It is made up of individuals with different spiritual gifts and personalities. I also believe that as history progresses there are times when God uses new types of stone in his "building project". I think that what many are saying today about the "emerging church" or the "missional church" fits in well with this metaphor. At the same time, I think it is significant that the "new stones" are not all off by themselves in an effort to be built up in a completely different wall. They form part of the same wall as the old stones. I see a huge spiritual lesson here. We need to all learn to recognize and validate the worth of each other. The "old stones" need the "new stones" in order for the project to be brought to completion. And the "new stones" if they are not built on the foundation of the "old stones" (inasmuch as that foundation is not faulty), will suffer as a result, in their efforts to be built up as well.


patrickbarrett said...

Thank you.

tim rogers said...

Brother David,
Great words of wisdom from practical examples. Also, I passed on to our Associational Missionary Curtis Sergeant's thesis "Insights from a CPM Practitioner" Great Great Reading.
Saw on another comment on one of your other posts that you will be in Greensboro. I look forward to meeting you if the opportunity avails itself. I presume you will be very busy while you are there. I do pray that our path's will cross and we can share a cup of java, for a spell.

Serving Him; Supporting You;

Wade Burleson said...


I have had your historical document series professionally printed and will have it with me in Greensboro.

I hope you won't be embarrassed if I ask you to sign it!

Looking forward to seeing you.


Anonymous said...

BUT, surely all these stones quarried(sp!) by stone masons who can trace their linage back to the first stone mason? I mean, after all, if they weren't, how can they really fit in... (:>=

Seriously, it is a pleasure reading your blog. Wish I could attend but am in Asia. said...

Great visual image! Makes 1 Peter 2:4f. come to life! It also brings back memories of another Rogers, even younger.....(with good ideas and he had more "beautiful" hair), but, if you'll forgive the pun.... you're still a recognizble "Chip" off the Ole Rock, er, ah.... "BLOCK"! Looking forward to seeing you and your family at Greensboro!

David Rogers said...

Tim & Barrett (blampp),

See you in Greensboro. Be sure and look me up. I plan to be on the stage with my Mom on Monday evening at the Pastor's Conference for the tribute to my Dad, and otherwise, around and about. And, I hope not too busy for a "java" with whomever would care to indulge. :-)


David Rogers said...


Thanks for your help with this. Can't wait to see how it turns out.