Saturday, February 16, 2008

Washington Post Article on Southern Baptists

In light of what I wrote on my last post, here is a very interesting article from the Washington Post on racial diversification in the SBC:

Southern Baptists Diversifying to Survive

(HT: Eric Redmond)


Anonymous said...

Very interesting follow up to your previous post. I thought the Post did a fair job with the SBC and our coming to grips with the ethnic and racial aspects facing us.

David Rogers said...


Yes. It is interesting to me that I came across this article right after I had posted my earlier post. I am grateful we have men like Eric Redmond as partners in the Body of Christ, and in the SBC.

foxofbama said...

I commend you for taking a look at these matters, but I feel the Vandy proff at the end of the Wpost article raises some real issues.
To get to where you seem to want to be going, I think you and Jay Wolfe and the likes are gonna have to come to some conversation with UVA Charles Marsh and the like.
Bring Hugo Black of Alabama, his Grandson Stephen to the conversation as well.
With your heart toward the Lausanne Movement convention in South Africa, I would hope you will find a way to explore the substance of this article on Barack Obama as it ends with a meditation on Nelson Mandela.
And sincerely, any true reconciliation between the current SBC and Black America seems to me would have to have some honest discussion about WA Criswell and the 100 odd pages about him in Rice U proff Chandler Davidson's Race and Class in Texas Politics.

Anonymous said...

The Obama article; like him or not will be great reference point for your conversations there in Spain and on your blog if at some point you are inclined to take the measure of the man.

Or Google up Obama Dreams by Pinckney in NY Rev of books.