Monday, March 06, 2006

"Our Lord, you are our King forever and will always be famous. You will show pity to Zion because the time has come. We, your servants, love each stone in the city, and we are sad to see them lying in the dirt. Our Lord, the nations will honor you, and all the kings of the earth will praise your glory. You will rebuild the city of Zion. Your glory will be seen, and the prayers of the homeless will be answered. Future generations must also praise the Lord, so write this for them: 'From his holy temple, the Lord looked down at the earth. He listened to the groans of the prisoners, and he rescued everyone who was doomed to die.' All Jerusalem should praise you, our Lord, when people from every nation meet to worship you."

Psalm 102.12-22 (Contemporary English Version)


T. D. Webb said...

David,thanks for your blog posts. I have read all of them, agree with you, and pray that the IMB BoT will finally "see the light" rather than continue to "light a fire" on these nonessential doctrinal issues.

In this Christian's opinion the BoT is running out of time to restore its credibility and integrity on these issues and its ill-conceived act to seek the removal of Wade Burleson from the IMB BoT, finally seeing the untenable nature of their proposal, and now trying to save face in the upcoming Executive Committee's recommendation to the entire BoT to rescind the motion passed in January.

Big time, specific apologies are in order to Wade Burleson for falsely accusing him before his fellow Southern Baptists, to the SBC for sowing division and confusion in the convention, to all Southern Baptists for betraying the trust and accountability to which each and every IMB BoT member owes to their true constituents; and, foremost, to God, for distracting the missionary efforts of those in field in a world that is ripe for harvesting souls to the eternal glory of the Sovereign God of the universe in the Name of Jesus Christ.

While the window of opportunity is closing, the IMB BoT now has our undivided attention. Transparency and openess in communication are the orders of the day as the reign of secrecy to cover political maneuverings and gross mistakes in judgement is deposed. Then, and only then, will the IMB BoT be in a position to re-visit the policy/guideline changes that were ill-advisedly passed last November. Otherwise, the SBC Messengers will have some major decisions to make in Greensboro as to who will be governing the IMB in the future.

In His Grace and Peace,

Todd Buck said...


Ditto to everything everyone is saying here. Your Dad is/was my hero--not a god, just a hero.

Your tribute is so awesome.

Meanwhile thanks for helping anyone who is honest to see that you are a true carryover of your Dad---ready to challenge the status quo for what is right.

I, as a pastor and SBC professor at one of our Universities, am grateful for you and am praying for you in this unique role God has placed upon your life during these (I believe) pivotal days at the IMB.