Monday, May 01, 2006

BREAKING NEWS!! (updated)

Check it out at friesville::micah fries.

Yesterday when I posted this, I didn't have time to write anything else, but wanted to help get the word out about the good news that the "D's", the couple who had been asked to resign from their missionary job in West Africa by their IMB Regional Leader (see my post The Souls of Pickles and Church Planting in West Africa), have been officially "reinstated to the field" by IMB administration, according to Micah Fries's blog, Friesville.

I will add here the comment I already posted on Micah's blog:
Wonderful news!!! Hopefully this will prove to have been a good test case to show that we as Southern Baptists and IMB, in particular, have indeed left our chequered past of landmarkism behind us. Hopefully those trustees who feel otherwise will see the writing on the wall.

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