Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's Right with the SBC and IMB

Not meaning to imply there are not other things right with the SBC and IMB as well, but upon reading this post by fellow missonary blogger "Strider," my heart was bursting with "healthy pride" to be a part of the IMB, the SBC, and the Body of Christ at large. "Strider" and his team work in an area of the world he calls "Middle Earth" that is not precisely where most church growth experts usually go to do their investigations. The approach to missionary strategy outlined by "Strider" in his post is, in the humble opinion of this 17-year missionary "veteran," practical missiology at its best.

I am encouraged to know, as I go about my very different type of ministry here in Spain, that there are people on the same "team," in the broader sense of the word, like "Strider," doing the types of things he talks about in his post, in places of the world like "Middle Earth." I think you should be encouraged too.

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Strider said...

David, you are way too gracious. My blog is just trying to affirm that there is a God who is doing great things in us, among us, and through us. SDG.