Sunday, May 27, 2007

A "Prophetic" Post on American Politics and the Evangelical Church

I do not often use this blog to write about politics. The issues that interest me more than anything else are missions, evangelism, and the church. However, Paul Grabill has written a post having to do with "politics" that I think is so important for the evangelical church in America that I believe it should receive the widest distribution possible. It is not a "comfortable" read. Upon reading it, the word "prophetic" came to my mind. According to Grabill, the very soul of the American church is at stake. I agree with him.

I thus urge you to prayerfully and carefully read:

The Jig is Up: American Evangelicals and Fascist Seduction


Bart Barber said...


What tripe! I could name a thousand ways that we today (as we always have) stumble walking the careful line of proper governmental-ecclesiastical relations. But fascism!?!?!?

I left the brother a comment from Orwell that is appropriate.

Paul said...

Thank you, David, for your support.

I have left a response for our brother, in case he only returns here.

Jake Belder said...

Wow, powerful stuff! I have to digest it, I'm not sure if I agree with all of it, but there's definitely some key points there that are right on the money. Thanks for the link, David.

Malcolm Yarnell said...


Would you mind telling me where the "Evangelical Church" is? I would like to write them a letter concerning their weak ecclesiology, but cannot seem to find an address....

In Christ,

Anonymous said...


Thank you for linking this post. I have read it, though not too carefully, since my free time is too limited right now.

I want to preface my comment on the piece by saying that I consider myself a conservative SBC believer. I am 101% pro-life. I realize that our country is not perfect and that our convention isn't either. I also sense the dangers of becoming so politicized that your faith moves into 2nd place. I am extremely and sadly aware of my own weakness and tendency to sin. I disagree with the Apostle Paul on one thing--I consider myself the worst of all sinners.

However, I must say that (while America nor her leaders are perfect) our nation is the (so far) best I know of. I have only lived in three others countries besides the US and I love different things about all. But I see no contradiction in being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and being patriotic towards ones own nation. America is NOT my home, but it IS my birthplace. God made it thus. I am grateful that He gave me such a home.

But now it seems that being "proud" of America and patriotic is somehow deemed "unspiritual". I strongly disagree.

While I vehemently disagree with Gulianni's pro-abortion stance (among many other things) and I would never consider voting for him, I do agree with his response to the gentleman who took the classic "blame America first" stance during the debate. It was absurd, in my opinion.

I weep inside when I see (or read) good Christian men and women who can seemingly find nothing good to say about the very nation that gives us freedom and promises the same to the rest of the world. Instead, we are referred to as fascists! This is unbelievable to me.

As I said, I didn't read the post very carefully, and I have absolutely no interest in debating whether America deserves to be hated by Islamists or not. So perhaps I have misread the intentions. If so, I apologize for the false assumptions.

i am one IMB missionary who loves Jesus and who also loves America, without apology. Sorry I must remain anonymous due to my work.

A 1040W IMB m

David Rogers said...

1040W IMB m,

Thank you for your comment. I believe if you would read a bit more carefully through Paul Grabill's post you will find that he is not criticizing "love for country" or "healthy patriotism" in and of itself, but rather pointing out a disturbing trend on the part of some, very closely linked to the conservative evangelical movement, to take this one step further. It can be subtle, but that is what I, and I believe Paul Grabill, if I understand him correctly, believe is so dangerous about this.

Also, he is not saying, as I understand him, that we as Americans are fascists, but rather there are some dangerous trends towards fascism. Neither is he saying, as I understand him, that "America deserves to be hated by Islamists" but rather that the causes behind what happens in the world are often more complex than what we want to recognize.

I hope this helps.