Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Lausanne Movement Blog

Doug Birdsall, current Chairman of the Lausanne Movement, has launched a new blog looking forward to the The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, Oct. 16-25, 2010.

The name of the blog is Towards 2010 - The Lausanne Movement Weblog. This looks like an exciting new place to keep track of some of the marvellous things God is doing around the world, through believers of many different backgrounds, in obedience to the Great Commission.

Here is a quote from the current post entitled Gathering the Global Church. Good stuff...

We pray that at Cape Town 2010 the 4000 participants will provide a wonderful model of what it means to be part of the global body of Christ where every member of the body works in a coordinated and respectful manner with every other part of the body. As we come together to work on the issues that are before us with respect to world evangelization, we pray that there will be a sharing of gifts and experiences that result in greater strength and unity in the body of Christ and which finds expression in an “exchange of joy.”


foxofbama said...

I have started a thread at www.baptistlife.com/forum in the forum on the New Baptist Covenant.
It was all precipitated by the interesting discussion you have going in the comment line of the Hills and Hollers blog.
Ben Cole has recently had an interesting podcast conversation with MSTRM Baps Bruce Prescott.
As for the New Lausanne Covenant, I would hope you would take a look at UVA proff Charles Marsh's thoughts on Francis Schaffer and the divide between him and Billy Graham over the issue of inerrancy in the First Conference in the early 70's.
Marsh writes about it in his Wayward Christian Soldiers.
I am hoping you will monitor and engage what I hope will become a lively discussion at bl.com
Hope things otherwise are well.
For the Record I attended the NBC in Atlanta last weekend and Was Blessed.
The Baptiststoday.org sponsored four bloggers and with the mass of secular media, it was no secret what happenned there.

foxofbama said...

The recent exchange between Ed Young and Bill Clinton on inerrancy has broken out into a frenzy at www.baptistlife.com
Seriously, wish you would join us there for some exchange, and I really would want like to know what you think about Marsh on Schaeffer and inerrancy on the Lausanne Covenant.

David Rogers said...

Stephen Fox,

I have previously posted my opinions related to the NBC here.

I have not read Marsh on Schaeffer, Graham and Lausanne. Perhaps I will eventually get around to it, but for the time being, I've got a lot of other things to occupy my time.

Also, I don't mean to "dis" you, but, honestly, I probably won't get involved in the discussion at baptistlife.com. It just doesn't seem to me to be a profitable use of my time and efforts right now.

From what I can pick up, you would love for me to come out publicly distancing myself from my father's views on inerrancy. I can assure you I am not anywhere close to doing that.

I do think the Lausanne Movement represents something important that all of us, as members of the Body of Christ, should be concerned about, working together to see the Great Commission fulfilled.

I will need to "do my homework" a bit more, before coming out with any pronouncement regarding the wording of the Lausanne Covenant on inerrancy. I do agree it is an important concern. There does indeed seem to be a legitimate tension between being faithful to the Lord's desire for unity among his children, and being faithful to the total truthfulness and authority of his Word. I want to do my best to be as faithful as I can to both.

Anonymous said...

Sfox here
Thanks for you gracious reply to my several comments here.
I do hope you can find a way as soon as you can make time to at least go to the index of Marsh's book and read his ten or so pages on Schaeffer and the Lausanne Movement and Inerrancy.
Later as you have time, I think you will like what he has to say about Bonhoeffer.
I am trying to make some sense of several things at my blog, anchoring an essay of Marilynne Robinson to Bill Hull's latest pamphlet.
I'm sure you remember Hull as a Provost at Southern Seminary in the early 70's.
Hull has written a remarkable pamphlet that was given to every attendee of the Baptist Covenant in Atlanta. I have been reading it the last several days and it is strong, without rancor about the last 30 years in SB life.
I do think you have some room in your convictions for common ground with DAvid Gushee.
While I can be given to polemics at time, I guess I will have to trust the Holy Spirit to work through Gushee and some others of his caliber to challenge you in good time.
On a good note, while my way is a little different, I can find no fault in your affection for the Lausanne Movement as I understand it; and I wish you good speed in that community and path.