Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Links to My Posts at SBC Voices

For the last year or two, I have been posting mainly at SBC Voices. Here is a list of links to my posts over there:

An Antinomist's Perspective on Life in the SBC

The Worst of "the Christian Right"

Eschatology and Religious Liberty

A Biblical Evaluation of the Homogeneous Unit Principle (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

My Question to John MacArthur: What About 1 Corinthians 1:4-8?

The Persecuted Church, Prayer, and the Book of Revelation

Scalia, Kuyper, and a "Christian" View of Economics and Politics

Index to World Missions: Overcoming Barriers to the Great Commission

Are Biblical Tongues a Personal Prayer Language?

Missional Boundaries and Entangling Alliances

Priority #1: Placing "Our People" Atop the "Seven Mountains of Culture"?

Denominational Loyalty and the Body of Christ

Habemus Papam?: Some Observations from Church History

A Few Introductory Thoughts on Gospel Proclamation and Cultural Contextualization

Mark Dever: The Pastor and the Community

I Voted Today... for Tim Pawlenty

A View of Rome

Revival: True, False, and In-between?

Hearing God, Part 2

Hearing God, Part 1

The Present-Day Relevance of the Universal Church

D. A. Carson on Angry Christians and the Devil's Tactics

Choosing Sides

Changing Hearts and Changing Votes

Denominational Democracy, Trusting Trustees, Blogs, and Dave Miller

The Mordecai Dilemma

Adrian Rogers on Solving the Problems of the World and the Mission of the Church

Mormons, Missionary Strategy, and American Politics

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