Thursday, September 14, 2006

Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute

After a special 4-day trip to the States, I am writing this in the airport in Amsterdam, waiting on my connecting flight to Madrid. I was in the States in order to participate in a special promotional event for the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute, which was held on what would have been my father’s 75th birthday.

One of Adrian Rogers’ biggest dreams, in the last few years before he died, was to take the years of wisdom and experience the Lord had given him as a pastor, and transmit it to younger pastors, both in the United States and around the world. He said he knew he was in the "transfer zone," and the time had come to "pass on the baton" in the race of faithfulness we are all called to run. On several occasions, in my father’s final months, he was able to do just this, by way of a 3-day seminar called "Maturity, Ministry & Management—What Every Pastor Ought To Know" under the auspices of the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute (ARPTI). His dream was to have continued on during his retirement years, dedicating a significant part of his time and energy to this strategic ministry.

By God’s grace, one of the final ARPTI seminars that was offered was also professionally filmed, and the entire three days of teaching, 20 hours altogether, have now been made available by way of a set of 10 top-notch, high quality DVDs. My brother, Steve, who had partnered with my father in the creative and administrative aspects of ARPTI before his death, has taken on the calling of continuing on this ministry of training pastors. Even though my father is no longer able to be there personally at the ARPTI seminars, now, by way of large-screen video projection, the actual dynamic of a live ARPTI seminar has been captured, and has already been tested out before a live audience of participants, with very encouraging results.

The 3-day ARPTI "Maturity, Ministry and Management" seminar is divided into three main sections, covering the following topics …

Introduction — What Every Pastor Ought To Know
Session I • The Pastor’s Job Description—Elder, Shepherd, Bishop
Maturity —The Pastor as Elder
Session II • The Pastor’s Personal Integrity
Session III • The Pastor’s Spiritual Priority
Session IV • The Pastor’s Marital Fidelity
Session V • The Pastor’s Sexual Purity
Ministry —The Pastor as Shepherd
Session VI • The Sermon’s Exposition
Session VII • The Sermon’s Preparation
Session VIII • The Sermon’s Illustration
Session IX • The Sermon’s Presentation
Session X • The Sermon’s Invitation
Management —The Pastor as Bishop
Session XI • The Pastor’s Pastoral Assignment
Session XII • The Pastor’s Spiritual Authority
Session XIII • The Pastor’s Personal Leadership
A Few More Thoughts — Something Extra
Session XIV • Practical Ideas as well as Questions & Answers

The target audience is both bi-vocational pastors who have not yet had the benefit of a full-fledged seminary education, as well as experienced, seminary-trained pastors who are looking to refresh themselves and "sharpen their tools" in key personal and practical aspects of ministry.

One of the most exciting developments for ARPTI has been a recent partnership with Global Pastors Network to make this teaching available in many different languages and venues around the world in the coming years, as part of a massive strategic alliance to win 1 billion souls for Christ and plant 5 million new churches in the next 10 years. Translation in Spanish is already well underway, and should be available soon.

If you are interested in learning more about the Adrian Rogers Pastor Training Institute, or would like to enquire about the possibility of hosting a ARPTI event, you can get more information here.

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