Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Commit my Love to You

Back in 1982, as a college student, listening to Christian radio, I first heard a song that had an "anointing" like few I had heard before, or have heard since. The message of that song deeply impacted me.

The song is "I Commit my Love to You" by Twila Paris. That was the first time I had heard Twila Paris, who would later go on to become one of the most beloved Christian music artists of all time. Although my personal music tastes, especially in Christian music, are a bit more what some have classified as "alternative" (see my profile), I have always enjoyed and been blessed by Twila Paris’s music, due to its depth, sincerity, and creative quality.

I would love to be able to link you directly to a recording of the entire song, but ethical concerns limit me to this sample sound-clip. (The whole song is available for sale by download here.)

I would like to dedicate this song to all with whom I have expressed some disagreement or another on this blog, or through the comment section of someone else’s blog, in the past months. I do believe we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, should feel the freedom to share openly our convictions related to our understanding of God’s Word, even if this, at times, means disagreeing with someone else. However, at all times, we must be careful to treat each other with love and respect, watching our words and our hearts.

I COMMIT MY LOVE TO YOU - by Twila Paris (1982)

If, by love, we show the world
That we are His disciples
I can’t take it lightly
I commit my love to you
I will tear down all the walls
I built with my selfish pride
And I will crucify it
I commit my love to you

‘Cause when we are divided
I can hear Him crying
And I can’t be a part of breaking His heart anymore
I can’t do it anymore
So brother, I commit my love to you

And if you have offended me
You know you are forgiven
And I will not remember
I commit my love to you
I will see the best in all you do
And I will defend you
When they come against you
I commit my love to you

‘Cause when we are divided
I can hear Him crying
And I can’t be a part of breaking His heart anymore
I can’t do it anymore
When we are divided
I can hear Him crying
And I won’t be a part of breaking His heart anymore
I just can’t do it anymore
So brother I commit my love to you
I commit my love to you


GuyMuse said...

Twila Paris has been one of my long-time favorites for years. I had never heard of her until the early '80s when the album/song you refer to was fairly new. At that time I was working for the Radio & TV Commission in Ft. Worth. One of my jobs was to make the airport/hotel runs to pick up the invited guests for the various ACTS network programs. The most memorable of all these trips was when I was asked to go pick up Twila at her motel in Irving, TX. It was early morning and she had not had breakfast and asked if we could drive through McDonalds. While munching on our McD bisquits and coffee, nearly our entire conversation driving back to Ft. Worth was about world missions. Her passion for the nations was genuine through and through. I found her to be highly informed about missions issues. She took a keen interest in my sharing with her our intent on becoming missionaries and asked lots of questions. Ever since that day I have been a great fan of her music which has been used of the Lord to greatly bless and uplift me over the years.

Kevin Bussey said...

Thanks David,

I needed that!

Anonymous said...

In case you didn't know it, Twila grew up a missionary's kid in YWAM. Her father directed the YWAM base in Elm Springs, Arkansas for years. She still lives and goes to church in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

tim rogers said...

Brother David,

I resonate your post. While disagreement is seen throughout the Scriptures of men and women of God, we see them always returning to the love they have for their Savior overflows in their love each other.


Perry McCall said...

I am giving my signature to this document immediately. I echo Kevin, Thanks! I needed that!

Paul Burleson said...


I was out of pocket and on the road last week, but know you've been prayed for and I really appreciate the thoughtful reads I've had from your pen of late.

Good stuff.


Kate Garnhart Burkay said...

I've loved this song for a long time...wish it was on youtube. Written in 82 by an absolute prophet!

Crystal's Ministry Updates said...

I love this song and it is so had when in the body of believers, we foiht each other instead of keeping the main thing the main thing Salvation by faith and grace alone.

Crystal's Ministry Updates said...

hard when we fight each other i meant