Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pray Urgently for our Korean Brothers & Sisters in Afghanistan

If you have been following the news, you are, no doubt, aware of the plight of our 21 Korean brothers and sisters in Christ who still remain as hostages of Taliban militants in Afghanistan. Already, 2 of the original 23 mission team volunteers--pastor and team leader Bae Hyung Kyu, and fellow team member Shim Sung Min--have been counted worthy to suffer martyrdom at the hands of their tormentors, and are in the presence of the Lord. The fate of the remaining 21 hangs in the balance, as their captors continue to threaten to take their lives as well.

We all need to pray urgently for these our fellow servants in the Lord's work, that God would strengthen them and give them courage to remain faithful to Him in the midst of this fiery trial. Pray for their deliverance, safety, and health. Pray for the bereaved wife and 9-year-old daughter of Pastor Bae, as well as the family members of the other hostages. Pray God would use the testimony of these His servants to dramatically proclaim the message of the sacrificial love of Jesus to many lost souls in Afghanistan, as well as other places where the news of their suffering spreads. Pray God would multiply the fruit of their labor of love in Afghanistan, and give courage to the Christian workers, and national believers with whom they were working. Pray that God would send conviction of sin to those who are holding them hostage, and lead them to repentance and knowledge of the truth. Pray as the Holy Spirit guides.

This story from Baptist Press does a great job of summarizing the most important details of this tragic situation. I strongly recommend that you read it prayerfully and carefully.


Debbie Kaufman said...

David: I have been following this story and not only will I be praying, but it is a somber reminder that any problems I have that seem big to me are nothing compared people who risk their lives in spreading the gospel.

robert said...

Indded. I can think of no story that better puts the disputations and politics of Southern Baptists into the divine perspective (where they simply become sins).

Ken Sorrell said...


Our thoughts and prayers go out to this group of faithful servants and especially to the family of Pastor Bae.

A situation like this brings two thoughts to mind.

First, that most of us have no clue what it means to stand firm in our faith in the midst of trails, sufferings, and persecution. I can't even imagine what they are experiencing right now, while I sit in comfort.

Second, The New Testament message is crystal clear that suffering hardship and trials is a normal part of the Christian life. If indeed we are to share in Christ's resurrection, we too will share in His sufferings.