Tuesday, August 28, 2007


On Sept. 1, a ground-breaking new group blog entitled sbc IMPACT! is set to begin.

According to the launch announcement:
sbc IMPACT! is the vision of a group of Southern Baptist bloggers who desire to host a truly edifying, thought-provoking, civil community for the examination and discussion of issues that affect Southern Baptist churches.

Instead of dwelling upon SBC politics and personalities, sbc IMPACT! will be a place where issues, even the tough issues, can be discussed and debated in a God-honoring manner. It will be a place where Southern Baptist ministries, churches, and missionaries can be highlighted and lifted up. It will be a place where differing views can be stated in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

In short, the contributors at
sbc IMPACT! want to work to bring Christ-like character, honorable speech, and real ministry to the discussion of Southern Baptist issues in the blogosphere.

I am excited and honored to form part of the list of regular contributors, along with editors Geoff Baggett and Rob Ayers, as well as fellow contributors Hariette Peterson (SelahV), Bowden McElroy, Tony Sisk, Roger Ferrell, Les Puryear, and Cyle Clayton.

Since arriving in the States from Spain a little more than a month ago, I have not posted quite as often as usual here at Love Each Stone, due to the busyness of transition, and, intermittent internet access. I hope to get back to my regular rhythm of posting here soon, though, as well as my additional contributions about once every 10 days at sbc IMPACT!

For the meantime, I invite you to go ahead and check out the launch announcment for sbc IMPACT!, as well as the Purpose Statement and Standards for Posting and Commenting, which are already on-line.


Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to read sbc IMPACT!. Hope the collaboration goes well.

A Simple Student @ SWBTS

Eric said...


This is a much-needed new site for all SBC bloggers. I, like so many, have been disturbed by the negative tone and downright nastiness of some blogging within the SBC. We need to be able to show the world that we can have significant, challenging discourse in a civil, loving manner. I look forward to reading SBC Impact! Thank you for contributing.

Eric Carpenter