Monday, April 21, 2008

Highly Recommended: 9Marks eJournal

Most of my original writing, as of late, has been over at sbc IMPACT! I do hope, in due time, to get back to posting here more often.

In the meantime, I want to direct you to an important resource that I just got through reading for myself, the March/April 2008 edition of the 9Marks eJournal. The theme of this edition is "Christian Cooperation" and "Christian Separation." I am very impressed with the thoughtful insights and balanced approach the various writers give to these consequential and relevant topics.

Here are the introductory remarks of 9Marks editor, Jonathan Leeman:

The gospel unites and the gospel divides. Some walls it levels and others it erects. Some temples it destroys and others it builds.

But doesn’t it seem like Christians often talk of just one or the other? When they do, imbalances follow. Too much talk about separation leads to strife in the church. Too much talk about unity leads to the compromise of the church. How hard it seems to talk of both gospel unity and gospel separation, each in their proper places! How much wisdom is needed!

Gearing up for Together For The Gospel in April of this year, all the writers in this issue of the 9Marks eJournal make their attempt at striking the balance between the gospel’s call to unity and its call to separation, in terms of the individual's conscience before God. If you’re quick to talk about unity, maybe start with the articles on separation. If you’re quick to talk about separation, maybe start with the articles on cooperation. Just a thought.

May the One who came with a sword of division but who came to break down the dividing wall of partition give wisdom to us all!
I recommend you download the pdf file here to your hard disk, and read it all.


Dave Miller said...

I have written a book (which, like all my books - no one wants to publish - I guess I should get the hint) called "Brick Walls and Picket Fences."

My thesis is that around some doctrines we need to build a Brick Wall of separation. These are doctrines fundamental to the Biblical doctrine of salvation.

On other doctrines (baptism, ecclesiology, etc) we just build a friendly picket fence. We don't divide and separate from each other, but we view ourselves as neighbors in the community of faith. In my house (the Baptist house) we do things our way, but we respect and honor our neighbors who do things other ways.

My fear with many of the current Baptist leaders (Malcon Yarnell, who seems like a good man, but is a prime example of this) seem to want to erect Brick Walls of separation where only friendly walls are needed.

I appreciated your interactions with Dr. Yarnell. If we all blogged with your attitude, things would be better.

Good genes, I guess.

Dave Miller said...

By the way, I have a funny story about my dad and yours (you are Adrian Rogers' son, right?)

Years ago, my dad was interim at Broadmoor in Memphis. He was asked to speak at an associational meeting. It was during the height of conservative resurgence and the accompanying tensions. Your dad was there.

My dad got up and said, "I hate Adrian Rogers." The place, he said, got really tense and silent. "Yeah, every time I go home from my Sunday sermon, my wife says, 'Why don't you have a voice like Adrian Rogers?' and 'Why can't you preach like Adrian Rogers?' The place broke up and they had a good laugh.

David Rogers said...


Welcome to "Love Each Stone." I would love to read the manuscript of "Brick Walls and Picket Fences." It sounds like it is right down the line of what I have been trying to say here for quite some time now.

And, yes, my father was Adrian Rogers. Thanks for the story about your Dad.

BTW, I have read your comments on other blogs, and on your own, and appreciate your perspective as well.